"The initial idea was to create a pair of high quality speakers. Which at a certain point exceeded my expectations. Origin is more than the sum of my work and knowledge. Magic happened."


The design of the speakers was primarily selected for its acoustic properties, tailored to fit the underlying technology and principles of physics. A close correlation exists between the physical dimensions of the speakers and those observed in both nature and art.

The name Om is symbolic of the divine sound of universal genesis and celebrates the boundless creative powers of the universe. It is also a clear reference to the fundamental unit of electrical resistance Ohm. Om is the synthesis of both worlds and reunites creation and technology.

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from music lovers for music lovers

LOCAL know-how


We take pride in our sustainable, local, and ethical production methods. The speakers are crafted in limited numbers with sustainable, eco-friendly materials and real wood panels. The construction of the speaker cabinets is handled by MGM and has been developed by the talented craftsman-carpenter Joel Heirens, who is a neighbour of Amplitude.

The electronics assembly and audio quality tests are conducted at Amplitude warehouse, our production facility. We also work closely with top-tier European manufacturers for our internals, including renowned French audio driver suppliers and custom-designed signal filters. By sourcing materials and talents locally, we not only create a better product but also support our community's growth and development.

Origin, the first high-end speaker made in Luxembourg, are produced by Amplitude, a well-known sound and light company based in Colmar-Berg, Luxembourg. The outcome is a high-quality speaker that embodies the philosophy of "Om."



As sound engineers, whether we're mixing a band, setting up and tuning a PA, or creating a speaker, our goal is always the same – to translate the music as accurately as possible and to give our listeners a truly emotional experience. Music has always been our inspiration for every one of us, that’s what drives us to do what we love every day.

Our journey has been one of continuous learning and exploration. Trough technical know-how and every day experience, we've developed a understanding and a real sensitivity for sound. We poured our heart and soul into creating a product that captures the essence of what we love to listen to and to what we’d like you to listen to.



The work resulted in the creation of a loudspeaker perfectly comparable to reference products, but which is proud of its philosophy, summed up perfectly by its name: "Om" combines both spirituality and technology - it is the meeting between know-how and philosophy. The allusion to the original transcendent Hindu sound "Om" - the sacred syllable - which describes the creative sound of the universe, inspired the creation of Origin, which aims for the ideal auditory experience: a liminal state in which we are fully awake but in deepest calm.



If you share our passion for music, we invite you to make music a central part of your daily life, as an active and conscious choice. It’s time to experience your favourite artists like never before.

No need of Netflix anymore. When it comes to watching movies, imagine the difference a great sound system can make. 

Alban Carmaux is sound engineer and PA technician for live concerts at Amplitude. As an undisputable music lover, over the years his interest in the art of sound grew. He built his own high fidelity speakers years ago.

When the pandemic hit Luxembourg, cultural events and live shows got cancelled and the team of Amplitude had to come up with new, alternative ideas. It was then that Jaakes Hoffmann, the technical manager of the company, was interested by Alban's sustainable and forward-thinking solution to create a pair of high-fidelity speakers.

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But with an iPhone instead of an OM Speaker.


The Origin, our first model, offers the simplicity of a 2-way column speaker system while guaranteeing a strong output for increased clarity, detail and punch.

From $24.95/mo. or $599 with trade-in.*

A natural and powerful sound.

Origin takes you on a voyage into the infinity of sound.


designed &
in Luxembourg

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Ultra Wide Camera

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